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LIBRARY USERS PLEASE NOTE : Your ‘current’ loans have been renewed until Monday 27th April 2020. Outstanding fines will be waived upon return. If the College remains closed, all items will be renewed a further month. Please watch for updates by following us on Twitter.  

We want you to get the most out of the learning resource centres throughout your stay here at the college. The LRC is more than just a physical space. Our learning resource centres based at Kingsway & Cronton have all the tools and resources you will need to strengthen, enrich and develop your knowledge and skills further. The LRC team provides an innovative, open service supporting the learning, teaching and research needs of students in a welcoming learning environment that is all inclusive. Learning Resource Centre staff also work closely with your teachers and curriculum staff to offer support and help you develop your Study Skills. You can access numerous tutorials from this portal, along with many resources the LRC has to support your course needs, e.g. e-books and e-journals. For more detailed information regarding LRC resources, services and code of conduct, please watch the LRC Induction & Promotional videos in the 'Getting Started' section below.


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LRC Student Induction Video plus LRC Pulse Special: LRC Promo Video


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